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what is your favorite car (non truck)
September 15th, 2006  
what is your favorite car (non truck)
1964 porsche 911...man oh man I want one sooo bad. Id give my first born for it
September 20th, 2006  
the new Chevy Monte Carlo SS, the V8 version. that's some serious power there. also, the Roush Racing version of the Mustang GT (both cars have a lot of stuff in them that's NASCAR inspired)
September 24th, 2006  
Jaguar E Type
what is your favorite car (non truck)
April 19th, 2007  
Team Infidel
Ferrari California

May 2nd, 2007  
That would be a Mustang!!!
May 3rd, 2007  
69' Boss Mustang 429 with a Hampton 6-71 blower, Color would have to be deep plum, deep enough to almost look black......Now that gentlemen is a car!
May 4th, 2007  
Pacific Lure

Topic: My favorite car

Porche Carrera - I named my daughter this (Carrera) because I know I would never be able to afford the car. Fast and furious that it is!!!