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November 17th, 2005  
He had Parkinsons.

Castro has Parkinsons.

I think not.

November 17th, 2005  
While we're on the subject.

Saddam, Osama bin Laden and Hitler did not drink, ever.

Winston Churchill and FDR, alcoholics.

Hooray Beer!
November 17th, 2005  
Alcoholics? You sure about that mate? Being an alcoholic does not imply a person who drinks, it does imply an addiction and a level of impaired functioning when compared to the rest of society.
November 17th, 2005  
True statement, both FDR and Churchill had alchohol problems. Not sure if the term "alchoholic" existed back then but either one makes a solid case for being one.
November 18th, 2005  
Yeah, I am pretty sure. Hence why I am pro-Alcohol.

But seriously, they were "alcoholics" and I find it ironic that, despite all the claims about how terrible alcohol is these days, three of the most evil men in history never touched the stuff while two men who are considered the saviors of Democracy couldn't keep their hands off of it.
November 22nd, 2005  
I will go along with the official version, that he shot him self and his remains were burnt to prevent the corpse being displayed.
December 19th, 2005  
Originally Posted by AussieNick
Ok if you read the award winning book"Berlin: The Downfall 1945" by Anthony Beevor, he goes in to detail of what happened to Hitler. He commited suicide with Eva Braun, and had his lackeys burn his body in the garden of the Reichstag, his partly burnt body was then wrapped in a blanket. It fell into the hands of the Russians and his dental records were confirmed. The soviets kept his lower jaw bone in a box, and this was kept in storage by the KGB. His burnt remains were buried under a Moscow parade ground.... In 1970 (approx, my mate is reading my copy at the moment so I cant check), his carcass was exhumed in the middle of the night, fully burnt, and the ashes flushed down the toilet. So in the ultimate humiliation, Hitler ended up in the Russian sewage system.

Here is a link to the book on Amazon if interested.
Antony Beevor is one of the leading scholars and authors of WW II. he speaks German, and I think he also speaks Russian, and he also has a Russian interpreter working for him. He has been granted access to the archives of both countries while he was writing his books. If he wrote that, then I would bet that it is true, and having read the book, I can tell you that it is presented in such a way that he leaves no doubt. The one error that AussieNick made is that the burned body was reburied under a parade ground in the Soviet military base in Magdeburg, Germany and not Moscow. Stalin was well aware of this, but he kept it secret so that he could use the possibility of Hitler's escape to use against the Allies. And use it he did, as we are still discussing it, even after the end of the Cold War when nobody is supposed to care anymore.
BTW, Beevor's books are fascinating reading. Meticulously researched, well written, easily understandable... he has the rare gift of being able to describe a very complex situation in such a way that anyone can understand. I highly recommend them.

December 20th, 2005  
I am sure Hitler works at my local newsagents

He fled from the bunker to sell newspapers for the last sixty years. He has to keep hold of his right arm, to stop it shooting up. Dont say hale, cause he thinks you are saying heil.

On a serious note...he died in his bunker. fulll stop.
December 20th, 2005  
I believe Hitler killed himself with his wife in his bunker.
December 21st, 2005  
By wife do you mean his mistress Eva Braun?