what happened to hitler


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What really happend to Adolf Hitler? all that the commies had for proof was a charred body, legend has it, that in the 1950's a german man who claimed to be hitler died in russia, a hermit. Im very scepticle and i want to know what anyone else thinks
I don't honestly doubt that he died there. Many historians claim to him committing suicide which was something Hitler would of done. He would not of let himself been captured because he knew what he faced. That charred body was Hitler (my opinion)
I believe he died from suicide..was burned..buried...and the Soviets got parts of him in a box.

Course...there was that submarine that went to Brazil.... :D
i believe he dissappeared off of the face of the earth and died (probably some where in hell) and wont be coming back.
When I was based in Berlin, after the wall collapsed, the Russians provided theuir account of the story...the "real one"...
Hitler did commit suicide and was found by the Russians that took the corpse from Berlin and went to bury it somewhere around the city of Magdeburg, that was in the Russian sector on the other side of the iron fence...
The fear was to have a known tomb turned into a pilgrimage place.
As an example, when Rudolph Hess died (hung himself), the prison of Spandau he was in since the end of WW2 was levelled and the bricks buried on the ground of the British military airport to prevent pilgrimages and sale of the bricks....
The bunker was reopened and visired-filmed a last time in under Alexander platz 1989-90 before being closed with concrete and built over for the same reasons. It was flooded (knee high waters but still in good shapes with all the paintings on the walls and floating misc equipment...
He was found in his bunker, having comitted suicide.

his personal secretary testified it. She is still alive and gaive several interwievs in a series about hitler in a german magazine
I believe he died of suicde because the Russians had matched the dental records with those recorded when they were at peace with Germany. In my opinion, Dental records dont lie.
Just check the internet about
Traudl Junge, Hitlers secretary who was in his bunker when he committed suicide
and about
Otto Günsche, who burned Hitlers corpse
they gaive several interviews in the german media
i just found german articles.....
airmanpatroler said:
Hitler survived and was captured and tortured to death by russian soldiers

well if he had...wouldnt it have been a propaganda coup for the soviets? I dont see them keeping something like the fact they captured him a big secret.

I mean, everyone wanted this man. The soldier that got him would have been an instant hero.

I dont think so, but that just my opinion. Now...that submarine to Brazil...LoL :D
He made a dummy and ripped out all of his teeth and put it into the dummy, shot it, burned it kinda, fleed, became a commie and choked to death.
Come on now all these stories are so dumb. He was nor captured by the russians... he did not rip out all of his teeth and put it in some one else... come on now, lets be realistic for a second here. He shot him self and took a cianide tablet. in other words HE KILLED HIMSELF... His body was taken and burned... enough said...
Redneck said:
MunitionsAirman said:
Come on now all these stories are so dumb.

Watch yourself.

By the way (entirely off-topic) are you an Airman yet?

I was just voicing my opinion about some of the stories and I leave for Basic in less that 2 months, so i am almost there...