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i believe it 18 28.57%
maybe 16 25.40%
I have proof(please show) 5 7.94%
no, impossible 24 38.10%
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June 8th, 2006  
Originally Posted by bulldogg
Thu8s saith the King of Spam... all hail lord Zander King of Spam.
Most appropriate, Reverend Bulldoggie!
June 9th, 2006  
Oh! Bulldog did help me change to that name! hehe
June 14th, 2006  
Hitler survived roughly 44 attempts on his life, yet he was finaly taken out buy his own hand.

That is kinda wierd and funny at the same time.
Just like in Platoon. "Only Barnes can kill Barnes".... same went for Hitler
June 14th, 2006  
Well, I think it is all the same!