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December 22nd, 2005  
G.O.T. I agree with all your points, and can relate personally to your statement, One sad fact of life is that wars tend to lead people to do terrible things no matter how noble or principled their leaders are. Those of us who have been there know how easy it is to let loose those inner devils, and give a one of the locals a good kicking when a friend has been injured or killed. It is not to be condoned of course, but it does happen. Further to the torture definition; any condition or procedure that cause's another to suffer from pain or the fear of pain?
Opinions are a bit like the weather, they change, so do not worry too much about it, you still have a lot of friends in the world.
December 25th, 2005  
Well if people choose to hurt the weak and defenceless and people who have no relevance to what is going on, then I believe they must be punished.

I may be cruel, but I seen must before.

I have a hatred for the North Koreas.

Why should we feed people who blew up a bus full of innocent people and during the past years have been sending spies into people who have been feeding their sorry asses.

Those who commit the crime, must recieve punishment.

These terrorist are deciding the fates of many people because of "god's" will.

You know what I think we have the right to torture them because putting them in jail is too easy for them. It gives them an idea thinking that "Oh I can blow up a plane and kill a bunch of people and recieve a painless death from my miserable life, or go to jail. Its only the hard way and nothing else in deal with these scums.

These terrorist's excuse is only god, so if it is god, let us damn them from their religion so we can crush their faith and excuse in hurting others.

In war it eye for and eye, there is no concession for the enemy.

We kill them and leave their "God" to decide their afterlife.
December 25th, 2005  
Chief Bones

Topic: Bravo Zulu for your remarks 03USMC

Originally Posted by 03USMC
The Washington Post does not have what one could call an unbiased journalistic view. They have made a jump without evidence what this aircraft is being used for. Why yes if its being used for by the CIA. The use must be niefrious.


Besides if they are being transported to their home countries or countries where they are wanted for crimes. Well then thats justice.
Bravo Zulu for your remarks 03USMC - I couldn't put it any better.

The Washington Post has an odor about it that would put a skunk to shame. Ulterior motives jump to mind for their slanted views (a nail driven into the slant would probably fall out of the hole).

The transportation of prisoners by the CIA is not real proof that prisoners are being tortured in any way, shape or form
December 25th, 2005  
essentially, torture is a two-way street, and neither end of the road is very pretty. One way, being too soft with a prisoner, will allow him to get by relatively easy, and therefore make h im unlikely to divulge any information.

Then again, if you put him through some form of abuse, he's more willing to cooperate. Problem is, it fuels the fire against the torturing country, and that nation gets screwed over in the world view as well as the mindset of the militants the country is working to eradicate.

We can't win on this one.