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January 6th, 2009  
Yeah, we don't do soccer well here. Football, we rock at. Soccer, not so much.

I love soccer, but unfortunately it seems like its always televised here at either 3 in the morning when I'm asleep, or 3 in the afternoon when I'm at work. Booo to the televised sports schedule makers!!!!
January 6th, 2009  
Worst fans are those in the eastern part of Germany here, like Dynamo Dresden and other small clubs fighting each other.
January 6th, 2009  
A Can of Man
Hmmm... I don't follow it much anymore but I have a mild liking for Aston Villa in Euorpe.
To think I used to be a bit of a fanatic back a few years...even had a referee license.

Actually US Soccer is quite entertaining. I enjoyed watching the MLS and went to watch DC United on a few occasions.
January 6th, 2009  
Originally Posted by TexasHighlander
Of yalls respective countries, which team has the rudest fans? For me, I would have to go with Chelsea and Liverpool.
Millwall has got to be one of the worst, along with Celtic and Rangers. Battle bowlers and level 3 vest required when watching a game.

I didn't know until recently that one of my 2nd cousins was a professional footballer.

1992-1993 Colchester United
1993-1996 Brentford
1996-2005 Birmingham City
2004 he was on loan to Coventry City

Due to a knee injury he had to retire.

I remember watching Nobby Stiles and Danny Blanchflower, both brilliant players.
January 7th, 2009  
Del Boy
Aston Villa have very good team at present, struggling to break into the top four.

As far as behaviour is concerned, in fact Liverpool fans have quite a good sense of humour, which often goes down well with the opposition.

I am often surprised at the attitude of Americans to their national team. Soccer at the top level is not an easy proposition, and I feel that USA performs quite effectively in the world echelons. They have a direct, powerful style that will eventually serve them well, and when they ever win the World Cup, then soccer will take off there for sure. USA players perform well in our leagues.
January 7th, 2009  
Hsv lost Dubai cup against Milan- penalty shootout :/
January 8th, 2009  
Del Boy
David Beckham turned out for Milan, did he not?
January 30th, 2009  
Hamburg Sports Club (hsv) now top of the league after the heroic defeat of Bayern München!!!
Bavaria had bad luck i must admit but the better team on the field won...
January 31st, 2009  
I dont watch Football that much anymore, to be honest.

My favourite team is INTER MILAN!!!!!!!!!11111!!!

And then Partizan Belgrade
March 13th, 2009  
I went to the UEFA Match HSV vs. Galataseray Istanbul, HSv should have won but in the end they only tried to hold the 1-1 score against 10 Turks, that was kinda disappointing. But great Atmosphere (30k HSV- fans and about 20K Turks) almost a outwards game for Hamburg :/
add: check the official fan- song out, I think you'll understand some parts because they are in english -->

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