The New PIC-QUIZ! Firearm and Vehicle Identifications! - Page 11

The New PIC-QUIZ!  Firearm and Vehicle Identifications!
March 18th, 2004  
The New PIC-QUIZ!  Firearm and Vehicle Identifications!
18. the Thousand Day War

19. Palmach
Abbreviation for Pelugot Mahatz, shock forces. In British Palestine and until June 1948, it was a commando section of the Jewish military forces. Organized in 1941 to provide the Haganah (q.v.) with a mobile force, it consisted of young men mostly from kibbutzim, who took military training while working part-time at farming, serving in cooperation with the British army, without pay or uniforms.

20. The Jewish immigration to the Land so Israel.
March 18th, 2004  
17. Umm Rash Rash
March 19th, 2004  
Animal Mother
Thought the immigration was know as Aliyah? At least that is what i was taught.
The New PIC-QUIZ!  Firearm and Vehicle Identifications!
March 19th, 2004  
Honestly, I have no idea. I just remember hearing something that sounded like that about immigration.
March 19th, 2004  
Is the Ayalon an ammunition factory?
March 19th, 2004  

Topic: ok

1-16 are Animal Mothers, but he got 6 and 17 wrong.So he gets 39 Mbs.

71-19 are FutureRANGERs so he got 75Mbs

kidneyman gets 5 Mbs for the effort, but is wrong.
March 19th, 2004  
I got this off of, is it inaccurate? "The UZI submachine gun was developed in Israel bu Usiel Gal, and manufactured by IMI. "

Sure he got that one wrong?
March 19th, 2004  

Topic: whoops

sorry, imeant he got 5 wrong.Ok. 1 more day and those Qs are out, will bring new ones
March 20th, 2004  

Topic: Ok.

Here we go. Mother, Im sorry, i counted your milbucks wrong last time. Ill send you the milbucks soon.A kibbutz is a farming commune. Ayalon is a part of the highway going inside Tel Aviv.
New Israeli Qs!!!

Level one(1 Mb per Q)
1.What is the Knesset?
2.What is the Likud?
3.What was the first Aircraft made in Israel?
4.Which Israeli prime minsiter signed the peace treaty with Jordan?
5.What two former Israeli presidents were related?
6.What is the lowest point in Israel?
7.What is the largest lake in Israel?
8.What is the main airport in Israel?
9.What countries border with Israel on the north?
10.How many hostile countries border with Israel?

Level 2(5 per Q)
11.What rank is "Aloof"(in US army ranks).
12.What is the "Cpital of the Negev"?
13.What is the Galil Rifle named after?
14.Where is Israels nuclear reactor?
15.Who is the religous leader of the palestinian terrorist org "Hammas"?

Bonus Qs(25 per Q)
16.Who founded the first winery in Israel?
17.What is the Israeli nickname for the M113 APC?
18.Which 2 cities in Israel are connected by "Highway 1"?
19.What was the Israeli currency prior to the NIS?
20. Which Israeli Prime Minister lost his brother in the Entebee rescue operation?
March 20th, 2004  
Animal Mother
1. The Israeli parlament.
2. Biggest right wing party.
3. Hmm, got two candidates here, but i guess IAI Arava.
6. The Dead Sea
7. Lake Genesaret(sp?)
8. Ben-Gurion international i guess.
9. Lebanon
10. Two, although i would say Lebanon is not exacly in control of what happens in the south.
14. Diamona
15. Sheik Yassim(sp?)
17. Zelda?

EDIT: Cant spell worth a damm