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View Poll Results :which of the Arab armys was the most dangoures for the IDF?
Egyptian Army 24 48.00%
Syrian Army 20 40.00%
Jordanian Army 6 12.00%
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August 10th, 2005  
I consider Egypt to be a bigger threat out of these nations.

Egypt is already arming its military forces with high-tech western weaponry and they have improved the training facilities for their armed forces.

Also the performance of Egypt in 1973 War was not bad considering their relative military strength compared to Isreal.
October 1st, 2005  
Originally Posted by FutureRANGER
Hey Sherman, I got a question. (Hope I don't sound like an idiot) Don't they all usually band together and attack you at the same time anyway?

Oh, yeah, they tried that. The Yom Kippour war was a nasty one. It was a surprise attack that had Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt launching a surprise attack against Israel. When the dust cleared, the Israelis had taked South Lebanon, the Golan, the West Bank and the Sinai, all of the Arab armies were in tatters, and their ari forces had basically ceased to exist. So much for Arab togetherness.

October 2nd, 2005  
Syrian Army.
October 2nd, 2005  
Originally Posted by Italian Guy
I would say the Syrians. Same reasons as Conley's plus the fact that they never chilled own.
Syrians, Iranian regime and their network of terrorists!

Egypt and Jordan have, both, recognized the state of Israel
October 2nd, 2005  
Their most dangerous enemy is themselves.
October 2nd, 2005  
Egyptians, because they are just a better fighting force then Syrians, yes Syrians had the quickest way into Israel, but the Egyptians fought on a larger area and were kinda successful, while success of Syria was because of suprise.
October 2nd, 2005  
Syrian gets my vote.....

October 10th, 2005  
Well, I think Israel's most dangerously enemy Egyptians army because long time ago like in 1948. They have a bigger land than Israel. LOL! I think.
October 10th, 2005  
Navy Boy
Yeah same here lol.
July 24th, 2009  
well back in time Israel had double causalities of war in Al-Karama battle against Jordan...