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June 29th, 2004  
How do you get gear and when does your rank appear by your name. And where is there a site where I can get a different pic for my name that will actually fit, everything I have tried has been too big.
June 29th, 2004  

The avatar can be max 100x100 pixels and 10kb.
You can dowload images to your computer, edit them there, and upload them to the forum.
October 17th, 2009  
Originally Posted by Redleg
Hm, maybe I also should introduce myself here (again).

As most of you (should) know, I'm a Redleg (Artillery) by heart, mind, body and soul, and has been that for the last 9 years.
My rank is 1. Lieutenant, and I do currently work at the Norwegian FA School at Rena camp, with Artillery Survey, Reconnaissance, Manouvre and C2IS (Command, control and information systems).
During my 9 years in the Army I have been 1 year at the Sergeant school for the Field Artillery, two years ot the Army's Officer School, 2CO and Platoon Commander of a Survey/Reconnaissance platoon, Recon. Officer etc..
I have also been three tours abroad, to South Lebanon, Macedonia and Bosnia.
And as many others here I did also attend to a junior military group before I started my real military career.
I was in the Home Guard/Infantry for 2-3 years, and I really loved it, so that made me apply to the Sergeant School right after high-school.

Enough about my military career.
My other interests are quite limited now after my daughter was born two years ago. (but thats really not a bad thing.. )
My family, work and this site takes most of my time now, but I do also enjoy wintersports (snowboarding/cross country), and scubadiving and fishing in the summer.
I did skydive for some years, but I had to take a break from that when my daughter was born (takes to much time and costs to much money.. ), but I hope to start again this summer (or the next one).

If you have any questions about me or this site/forum feel free to post her or PM me.
Trying to find a unit that has the crest...combat support.....putamus viam semper esse. If you could help, thanks.
October 18th, 2009  

Originally Posted by RedStonePony
Trying to find a unit that has the crest...combat support.....putamus viam semper esse. If you could help, thanks.
For what it means in English go here: Murphys Laws of Combat ...In Latin
August 22nd, 2011  
Wired To Win
Hi Redleg!
I just joined the forums today. Glad to have deployed
I have a technical question about this amazing site. How can I contact you beyond the public forum?
November 10th, 2014  
moon man

Topic: moon man

I am a man of intelligence and military security, the sense of the phrase
November 12th, 2014  
Cne C
You're welcome