How to stop China - Page 14

November 16th, 2004  
Why do we talk about North Korea problem again?

Why did China involve in Korean war? IMagine when some super power came and invade the neighbouring country. Will u not do something to defend their invasion so that in the future this super power would not easily spying and gaining all the political and military informations from ur country?

How can this righteos decision ever be wrong juz becoz China were a communist country? What's wrong is to be a communist country? Not all the communist country r evil.

Was it so nice to sacrifice ur soldiers and cause ever greater economic burdans to ur country(Remember, Japanese invaded China caused 600 Billions US dollers of loses, Communist just ended the civil war 1 year before Korean war)?
November 16th, 2004  

This topic has been discussed enough for now.

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