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Call of Duty (Standard) 3 7.32%
Day of Defeat 2.0 2 4.88%
Call of Duty (Heat of Battle Mod) 2 4.88%
Far Cry 0 0%
Rainbow Six Series 2 4.88%
Counter Strike 4 9.76%
BattleField 1942 8 19.51%
Battlefield Vietnam 1 2.44%
Blackhawk Down 4 9.76%
America's Army 6 14.63%
Operation Flashpoint 3 7.32%
Hidden & Dangerous Series 0 0%
Other 6 14.63%
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June 29th, 2004  
AA... it's pretty but I spent 5 hours trying to achieve advanced marksman...
July 23rd, 2004  
Call of Duty is my favorite. I have AA, but I never got into it.
July 23rd, 2004  
My current favorites are both Battlefields. Operation Flashpoint an MOHAA are cool, too.
July 23rd, 2004  
Originally Posted by Locke
i play Vietcong.
IMO its the most realistic game on the market, it requires a very good system to run, as they made the graphics engine themselves, but it is worth it, the jungle is immersive, the weapons, (when fully patches) are great and its got an "authentic" feel to it. this is one of two games i own (CoD is the other one) iv sold everything else as they dont match up to vietcong, Cod i will sell soon. but yeah, go VC!!
I've got the Vietcong: Uncensored Edition and its the most realistic (in terms of language) military game that I've came across..I dont know about everyone else, but frankly im tired of seeing military games that put you in the middle of Hell and the worst words that come out of your mouth is "damn" (IMHO)..
July 24th, 2004  
Medal of Honor Allied Assult
August 1st, 2004  
Growing Old
I don't know about BAFF42 being unrealistic(I'm biased-I play all the time). Have yale played the Forgotten Hope mod? I've seen people that can snipe ya to frustration. But, does require a DSL connection atleast(actually from what I've been told-the cable connections are not that good for online gaming-they are sometimes not a part of the backbone of internet-causing lag). And playing with a Clan that uses a teamspeak device/playing in leagues-team work is a major part of it. I think that none of the games have everything in them to make them really realistic-there always seems to be something that the programmers didn't think to add(I don't think that too many of the programmers have any military experience).
August 3rd, 2004  
Sgt. Nick Fury
Since I have discovered Joint Operations all other games collect dust. This is by far the most entertaining first person shooter you and 150 of your closest friends can play.......I especially like taht you can achive points through more selfless acts like carrying people by chopper or jeep etc to battle area, or by healing people hurt....

Great game........except.......it shoudl be a controlled substance.......it has ruined my sleeping habits.
August 5th, 2004  
Growing Old
BF42 is like that-my kill death ratio isn't 1.0, but I always score high cause I'm either fighting to take a spawn point or defend it.
August 6th, 2004  
Im playing doom3 at the moment but farcry is good. I think the best fps game ever is team fortress classic for halflife hands down. At the highest skill levels playing in clans is ammazing... It takes a SHIT LOAD of strategy and skill, and being down by a cap with 3 mins left in the round is as intense in gaming as you are going to get. You have defense and offense and both are chatting on comms grouping together trying to break through the defense to get the flag out. It takes a serious ammount of skill its easly one of the most skilled games but once you get the skill and play for a good clan it cant be beat. Simply having the best players means nothing because the best strategy is always going to win.
August 6th, 2004  
AA: Operations all the way!