Famous Sniper Quotes

July 18th, 2004  

Topic: Famous Sniper Quotes

Hey if you know any good sniper quotes please reply. Here is two of them that I got it from the book One Shot One Kill -

"Life can never seem so real as when it faces extinction"
-U.S Marine Corporal Ron Szpond, Vietnam - 1966

"There is also this intense feeling of looking death in the face, tempting fate, challenging the reaper, so to speak......."
-Same As As First One
July 19th, 2004  
"Reach out and touch someone"
-Private Murphy
July 19th, 2004  
Now now, is that nice. Play nicely or youl have find other friends.
July 20th, 2004  
Is it really neccasary to insult Americans in every post you make GADefence?

On topic..

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not shoot,

The courage to shoot the things I can,

and the wisdom to hide the bodies. (unknown)

Don't try to run. You'll only die tired! (SF)

Got these at a site called Snipers Paradise.
July 25th, 2004  
"Won't you be my neighbor?"
-Mister Rodgers, the most well known sniper on Earth
(Just not known FOR sniping)
July 25th, 2004  
Mister Rogers was not a Vietnam Sniper, he was not a criminal, and he did not wear long sleeves to hide his tattoos. Although it is a funny story.


July 25th, 2004  

"Peek-a-boo, I see you. You can't see me, but I see you and my spotter can too. I pull the trigger, the bullet flies. Commies watch as one of their own dies."
July 27th, 2004  
"671 grains of diplomacy"

"man or woman, young or old, my sights are steady, and my trigger cold. walk or run, laugh or cry your in my A.O., now you die!"

"invisible soles leave .308 holes"

"the quickest way to change a persons mind on a subject is a 138gr boattail"

"If you don't have time to do it right, will you have time to do it again?"

"2 lines you should never cross....horizontal and vertical"

"time spent in recon is seldom wasted"

"the only thing I feel when I kill is the recoil from my rifle"

"one man can change the world with a bullet in the right place"

"bolt actions speak louder than words"

"one mans fate comes from another mans wait"

"sniping is poetry in slow motion, up until you pull the trigger"

"a sniper is the worst romancer, they never make the first move"

"God is not on the side of battalions, but on the side that shoots best"

"my mission is before me, the enemy is around me, my mission is death, my mission is met"

"my only trace is a body where a man once stood"
September 22nd, 2008  
"Incoming, oh chit."
September 22nd, 2008  
We were doing an ACB readiness inspection at Camp Hansen Okinawa in the late 80's. The STA Platoon Bubbas had their ghillies, stalking boots etc. all laid out and their bolt guns were in hard cases.

Some Cpl. who was an attachment, not really sure if he was Engineer, Arty or what asked one the STA Bubbas " Hey whatta you guys have in the cases?"

Sniper says. " Thats my trombone. I'm in the Marine Corps band."

Attachment says "Cool." and walks off, Sniper justlaughs and shakes his head.

That's my favorite Sniper qoute.