EU Holds Out Prospect of End to China Arms Embargo - Page 4

December 11th, 2004  
The "ban" will be lifted within 1 year.

Btw, does 1 or 2 years really matter? Not at all.

Can't say the "ban" is smart, I do see some big jobs will lose if no deal or less deals can be made. Lay off your own men, PRC produces its own weapon, and since less money spent on buying thus more money for own R&D, quite good thing for PLA.
December 11th, 2004  
A Can of Man
EU + China.. .we'll see how such a combination works out.

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The Chinese political system has changed numerously over the times. Like you won't believe!
In fact speaking of their old culture, don't you remember it was Mao with his cultural revolution that tried to destroy it?
The China that survived throughout the millenia were kingdoms... absolute monarchies.

Either way... if Europe starts selling weapons or weapons tech to China it's a first step implying they are becoming allies. And if they become allies... well I think we should redraw the lines of NATO.
i think EU is going to have a very rosy future with china as its trade with china grow enormously, to a degree even surpassing its trade with usa side. those two has to work together to counter the usa's world dominance. the usa alone has more than 50% of world military budget. together with its ally japan being the second. there's no single country could challenge those 2. exerpt EU+china, so they has a say in politics
December 13th, 2004  
if this ban really got lifted..
china will get more advanced weapons with lower cost (compared to russian weapons)

espeically those german engines , i like them very much

chinese tanks' engines are not so good
December 13th, 2004  
germany should give chian soem leopard II tanks and chopbam armor technology, thereby giving the chiense a powerful kick