Best tank of WWII? - Page 9

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M3 Grant/Lee 0 0%
M4 Sherman(FireFly version) 0 0%
T34/85 6 35.29%
Cromwell VII 0 0%
Churchill VII 0 0%
Panzer(PzKw) IVj 1 5.88%
Panther G 10 58.82%
Type 97(Oh well...) 0 0%
M15/42 0 0%
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December 8th, 2005  
Originally Posted by godofthunder9010
As far as I'm aware, Michael Whitman is the foremost Tank Ace of WW2, and his tank was initially a Panzer IV but later it was Tiger I (up till he was killed in battle). Just an interesting fact, but since the Tiger I can't qualify for this poll, it makes little difference.
There probably should have been an option for 'other', as I would have liked the Soviet IS-2/IS-3 to be an option also.
December 9th, 2005  
First Post said Mediums, so that does narrow the field a tad.