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View Poll Results :What's the overall best video game
Battlefield 1942 (expansion included) 14 33.33%
Battlefield Vietnam 7 16.67%
Medal of Honor 17 40.48%
Age of Empires 2 (expansion included) 1 2.38%
Civilization 3 (expansion included) 3 7.14%
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Best Military Video Game
January 4th, 2005  
Best Military Video Game
Battlefield 1942 Desert combat for me, also Operation Flashpoint is a great game and gets tougher when playing on internet, as for mod based games HL hostile intent which is much better than CS. Day of defeat is also a kick ass game
January 6th, 2005  
Operation Flashpoint is by the far the greatest game. For those who haven't yet played I suggest you do and do it quick. Most realistic game out there.
August 30th, 2005  
-I chose BF 1942
-BF Vietnam for some reason i dislike
-Medal of honor is a disgrace because one man could defeat an entire german army, its a nice fantasy game but it shouldn't be made for WW2
-Never played Age of empires
-Civilization 1-3 sucks big dick primarily because you need the citys to make stuff and more importantly because YOU CANT UPGRADE YOUR F&#$ING MILITARY you have to build new units to have an advantage in combat.
Why the F^$@ did you not include call of duty.
It is my fav. game
the most realistic game is probably Brothers in arms.
Best Military Video Game
August 30th, 2005  
Medal of Honor

Btw, you forgot to put Operation Flashpoint there .
August 30th, 2005  
i voted for medal of honor, but i think that Call of Duty is better