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Battlefield 1942 (expansion included) 14 33.33%
Battlefield Vietnam 7 16.67%
Medal of Honor 17 40.48%
Age of Empires 2 (expansion included) 1 2.38%
Civilization 3 (expansion included) 3 7.14%
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Best Military Video Game
June 17th, 2004  
Best Military Video Game
Medal of Honor:Frontline
Socom 2
Empiresawn of the Modern World
Civilization 3
Battlefield Vietnam

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Bahh...Medal of Honor FRONTLINE?!?!?!? That game made me sick (Compared to the better MOH: Allied Assault, thats probably why i hate it so much ) SOCOM, i wish they made it for XBOX, id get it. Emprires Dawn of Modern World. Never heard of it. Civilization 3, thats not really as much of a war game as it is a economic, diplomatic, with war on the side kinda game. Battlefield Vietnam, good game, but not the best. Heres my take on things:

1. Halo, cant beat Halo PERIOD! Plus they have Marines in it 8)
2. Battlefield 1942, i love this game because of the whole atmosphere. Go anywhere play anywhere shoot em up action. MP rocks over any other game.
3. Operation Flashpoint! THIS GAME IS LITERALLY SQUAD BASED. There isnt anything you cant do in this game. The command interface is so good and detailed you can control your men through the command menu without having to see your troops! And, if you arent as high in rank as other AI, you get ordered around, its fun. lol...

4. Americas Army, i have to say this game because i love...and then i hate it at the same time. . I love the game because it feels great once you gun down someone (because it happens very rarely) and i HATE it because of the damage rates. 50 rounds with the SAW (WHILE THEY ARE NOT FACING YOU) that doesnt kill them, they turn around with their M16 and put a burst to your chest and you die....... But overrall a fun game. Plus its free.

5. Total War, Medieval, Shogun, Viking Invasion. This game is totally a strategic one.( I only have Medieval, but ive played the demo for Shogun) Not only can you enter the Campaign mode and pick a "Faction" Country, Race (i.e. Almohads, English, Byzantines, Holy Roman Empire(Germans), Egyptians etc etc.) and then you have a map and you can move around armies (after you make them of course) You control provinces, each with their own specialties, example, the Province Switzerland, makes excellent Swiss Armoured Pikemen. Genoa, makes Genoese Sailors. But you can replay famous Battles such as Bonnockburn, Stirling Bridge, Hastings, and The Golden Horde (Mongols) Invasion. Or make your own battle, but you LITTERALLY control over a thousand men on the field at once. This isnt Age of Empires with what they call a grand army of Twenty Cataphracts. In Medieval, a grand army is about 4 units(each unit varies between about 40 men and 120 men.) Chivalric Men at Arms, 3 Units of Longbowmen, 2 Units of Knights Templar, 4 Units of Spearman, and 3 Units of Culverins. This IS Total War. For any hardcore strategy gamers. GET THIS! If you want to try it out with the demo ( Which is the WHOLE tutorial section in the full game) it consists of about 8 missions. 4 of them, they teach you tactics and in the next one you enforce them. Its great. Here it is- Scroll to the middle of this page and look for the " Officially Released Game Files Section" its in that section...Have fun...
June 21st, 2004  
Sgt. Nick Fury
I reasked this in the video games forum in here with a much much longer list. I still forgot a few......if you only ask a few select games it's not really a fair question.
June 22nd, 2004  
I really like the Unreal Tournament Full mod called. Red Orchestra. it's got great graphics and animations. and instead of fake crosshairs they use the real Iron sights of the guns. it's a mod of WWII and has accurate historical locations. they focused on making it very very realistic. a must try!
Best Military Video Game
July 8th, 2004  
look, the best military game is socom and socom 2 navy seals, the game itself is kick ass and plus you can but a head set that you plus into your ps2 and you can command you team by pressing the square button then saying team, able, or bravo, then a menu comes up then you just look at what commands are available then sya it then boom, they do it, pretty amazing, if you don't have socom i suggest you buy it, its on the greatest hits so it should be 19.99, also the head set should be about 20.00 to 30.00 dollars.
December 17th, 2004  
Both Medal of honor games are really good and ShellShock 'Nam 67 is good i guess Call of Duty is a really good game,Would you consider a Star Wars military game would be Star Wars Battlefront.
December 26th, 2004  

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Originally Posted by SHERMAN
his is the last time Im gonna post this...You people justdont know whats good for you

Tactical, turn based, FREE!
Is it just my computer or is the mouse movment very slow, in game?
December 27th, 2004  
Well, Halo and Halo 2 are military games, and of the best kind, they involve all of manking uniting to face an enemy bent on our extinction, even though there are more than enough hints that it is in fact mostly an American Space Fleet, US Navy, and US Marine Corps. doing most of the work, making it appear that the US in fact conquered the world, quite a few inconsistencies there but enough about the storyline and back to the game. Best game ever IMO, awesome graphics, smooth online play (so many games are laggy when trying to play online) and you don't have to worry about feeling bad becuase you are killing aliens, not people, plus they make the wierdest noises when they die and the Marines talk like you would expect Marines to talk (swear, a lot).
December 29th, 2004  
Well i don't think those games are good enough but i got this one game on my eyes for last 1 mounth it looks aswome not out yet but look at te trailers
December 30th, 2004  
To be quite honest I would think Marines would be offended by Halo, the first one, the designers didn't exactly make you guys look like the brightest bunch or all that useful for anything other than decoys. :P Or at least that was my experiences with them, seemed like I always had to protect them, funny thing though, if you killed two of your Marines they all turned on you, that was so annoying.
December 30th, 2004  
rotc boy
yea, they really were useless in the first game unless you needed a gunner for the warthog
they're much better in Halo2, but i think gameplay wise, i'd rather be playing the first halo