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Mottos > Spain

Military Mottos from Spain
Spanish Military Mottos


¡Cañones, corazas, corazón!
(Guns, armor, heart!)
1st Mechanized Division

¡Aprisa, duro, lejos!
(Fast, hard, far!)
12th Armored Brigade:

Del pasado honor, del presente orgullo
(Honor from the past, pride from the present)
7th Airborne Brigade

Sed fuertes en la guerra
(May you be strong at war)
10th Mechanized Brigade

Lealtad y valor
Loyalty and courage)
Land Army Engineer Corps

In terram, sub terram, in acquam
(Over the ground, beneath the ground, over the water)
12th Armored Engineer Company


Spanish Air Force Mottos

Quien ose paga
(Who dares pays)
15th Figther Wing

Lo que bien se aprende...
(What is learned well...)
78th Training Wing

Como arañas la cuidamos
(Like spiders, we took care of it)
3rd Microwave Squad

Sólo merece vivir quién por un noble ideal está dispuesto a morir
(Only deserve to live those willing to die for a noble task)
Airborne Sappers Squad (Air force special forces)

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