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Mottos > New Zealand

Military mottos from New Zealand

"Ma Nga Hua Tu Tangata"
(Maori for "By Our Actions We Are Known")
Royal New Zealand Army Logistics Regiment (RNZALR)

“Ake Ake Kia Kaha”
(‘Forever and ever be strong’)
75 Squadron Royal New Zealand Air Force

“Kamihia Ka Patu”
(‘Seek out and destroy’)

“Keitou Kalawaca Na Wasaliwa”
(‘We span the ocean’)

“Ki Nga Hau E Wha”
(‘To The Four Winds’)
40 Sqn RNZAF

“Tara Ki Uta, Tara Ka Tai”
(‘We Span The Land From Coast To Coast)
42 Sqn RNZAF

“Ab Ovo Usque”
(‘From The Beginning’)
Pilot Training Squadron (PTS) RNZAF

“Puta Ki Te Rangi”
(Come Forth to the Sky’)
Central Flying School (CFS) RNZAF

“We Train To Serve”
New Zealand Air Training Corps (ATC)

“Aim Sure”
15 Squadron, Royal Air Force

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