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Mottos > The Netherlands

Military Mottos from the Netherlands
Dutch Military Mottos


"Qua Patet Orbis"
"Zo Wijd de Wereld Strekt"

(As Far as the World Extends)
Royal Dutch Marines motto

"Pugno Pro Patria"
(I will fight for my fatherland)
Ministry of Defense, Navy

"Nunc aut Nunquam"
(Now or Never)
Netherlands Commandos

"Sumus et fore speramus"
"Wij zijn en hopen te worden" (Dutch, NL)
"We are and hope to become"
Royal Netherlands Naval College
(Koninklijk Instituut voor de Marine),

"Dan liever de lucht in" (Dutch)
literal: "Then rather into the air" meaning: "I will rather blow myself up"
This is the unit-motto of HNLMS Van Speijk.
And it is known as the words J.C.J van Speijk spoke before he blew his ship up to prevent it from capture by the Belgians (during the 19th century).

"Semper paratus pro jusitia" (Latin)
"Altijd paraat voor gerechtigheid" (Dutch)
"Alway ready for justice" (English)

This is the unit-motto of the 'Bijzondere Bijstands Eenheid'.
The BBE is the Netherlands primary counter-terrorism unit and it is part of the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps (RNLMC).

"Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori"
(It is sweet and glorious to die for one's country)

41 Bde Recce Coy
Royal Netherlands Army



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