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Mottos > Israel

Military mottos from Israel

"Ha Yitaron Ha Enoshi"
(hebrew for "the human advantage")
NAHAL Brigade
NAHAL is an hebrew acronym for "Noar Halutzi Lohem" - Fighting Pioneer Youth

"Otzma Enoshit"
(Hebrew for: "Human Strength")
 931st battalion

"The pain is temporary, the pride is forever."
931st Battalion, 2nd company

Ha'adam she'ba'tank yenatzah
(The man in the tank will prevail)
IDF Armored Corps

("Follow me!")
Israeli Paratroopers
This motto is the result of Israeli officers always leading their force when engaging an enemy (even Regiment Commanders...) this is especially true for the Airborne troops.


"Ma shelo horeg mekhashel"
What doesn't kill, strengthen.   
(what doesn't kill you, strengthens you)

"Kashe baimunim, kal bakrav"
Difficult in training, easy in combat.

- Two Phrases often used in the Israeli Military
(also used in several other armed forces around the world)
Another more unoficcial version is:
"ma shelo horeg mehashel, ma sheoreg mehashel et ima"
(what doesn't kill you strengthens you, what kills you strenghtens your mother)


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