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Mottos > UK

Military Mottos/Mottoes from
United Kingdom (UK)

British Military Mottos

"Be The Best"
The British Army's official motto

 "The Team Works"
The Royal Navy's official motto

"Rise Above The Rest"
The Royal Air Force official motto

"Serve to Lead"

Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

"Who dares winns"
United Kingdom Special Air Service (SAS) Regiment

"By Strength and Guile"
- British Special Boat Service (SBS)
(Former motto: "Not by strength, but by guile")


'Faugh a ballagh'.
Motto of the Royal Irish Rangers.
 Now subsumed within the Royal Irish Regiment, the motto remains the same, and translated out of Irish means 'clear the way.' It originated in the Peninsula during the Napoleonic Wars when before Badajoz the English troops under Wellington faltered before the gates of the city, and the Irish were brought in to finish the job. Because they make the world's best soldiers - but only when they are fighting for someone else!

"Utrinque paratus"
Ready for anything
The Parachute Regiment

Everywhere! Where Right and Glory Lead
 The Royal Regiment of Artillery

Everywhere! Where Right and Glory Lead
Royal Engineers

"Fear naught"
Royal Tank Regt

"Celer et Audax"
(Swift and Bold)
Royal Green jackets

"Per Mare, Per Terram"
By Sea, By Land)
Royal Marines

("Yield to none")
The Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

"Per Ardua Ad Astra"
(Through Adversity to the Stars)
The Royal Air Force (RAF)

The Royal Air force Aerobatic Team (RAFAT).

"Per Ardua"
(Through Adversity)
The Royal Air Force Regiment
Nickname: "The Rock Apes"

"Nemo me impune lacessit"
None attack me with impunity

Scots Guards, Royal Scots, Cameroonians, Black Watch, 42nd Highlanders

"Death or Glory" 
Queen's Royal Lancers

"Nec aspera terrent"
''Difficulties be damned''
The Prince of Wale's own Regiment of Yorkshire

"Nec aspera terrent"
''Difficulties be damned''
King's Regiment, King's Liverpool Regiment

Durham Light Infantry

WSFR, Worcestershire, 36th Foot

"Sans peur"
Without fear
 A&SH, 93rd Highlanders

We shall be worthy

15/19 KRH, 15th King's Hussars

"Pristinae virtutis memores"
Mindful of former valor

 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars

Royal Engineers

"Nulli Secondi"
"Second to None")
The Coldstream Guards

"Fortune Favors the Brave"
The Duke of Wellington’s Regiment (West Riding)

"Ready, Aye Ready"
The Sea Cadet Corps

"Venture Adventure"
Air Training Corps (ATC)

"To inspire, to achieve"
Army Cadet Force (ACF)



"In omnibus princeps"
("First in all things")
No.1 Squadron RAF
Strike / Attack and Offensive Support, Harrier GR7

No. II (AC) Squadron RAF
Reconnaissance, Tornado GR4A

"Tertius primus erit"
("The third shall be the first!")
No. 3 Squadron RAF
Strike / Attack and Offensive Support, Harrier GR7

"In futurum videre"
("To see into the future")
No. 4 Squadron RAF

Strike / Attack and Offensive Support, Harrier GR7

"Frangas non flectas"
("Thou mayst bend, but may not break me!")
No. V (Army Co-Operation) Squadron RAF
Reconnaissance, Sentinel R1

"Oculi exercitus"
("The eyes of the army")
6 Sqn RAF
Strike / Attack and Offensive Support, Jaguar GR3/3A

"Per diem, per noctem"
("By day and by night")
No. 7 Squadron RAF
Support Helicopter Sqn, Chinook HC2

"Everywhere unbounded"
8 Sqn RAF
(the rest of the mottos will be updated soon)

"Throughout the night, we strike"
9 Sqn RAF

"To hit the mark"
10 Sqn RAF

" Swifter and more keen than eagles"
11 Sqn RAF

"Leads the field!"
12 Sqn RAF

"We assist by watching"
13 Sqn RAF

"I spread my wings, and keep my promise"
14 Sqn RAF


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