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Mottos > Italian military mottos

Military Mottos from Italy
Italian Military Mottos

Alpine Unit Motto

5th Alpine Division "Pusteria"
"Victory is where we are"
"Beyond the mountains, beyond the seas"
"Anywhere, for first"

"Tridentina" Brigade Command"

Alpine Military School
"Dare and believe"

6th Alpine Corps Group
"On the snowy peaks...victory"

Alpine Corps 3rd Regiment
( Italy's Royal Family until 1946 )

Alpine Corps 4th Regiment
"Yesterday for today, today for tomorrow"

A.C. 5th Regiment
"We dominate the Alps' gates"
"The 5th is never late"

A.C. 6th Regiment
"The higher I climb the more gallant I am"

A.C. 11th Regiment
"Speedy as the eagle, strong as the lion"

A.C. 11th Regiment
"On the rocks, like a rock"

A.C. 12th Regiment
"For the honor of the Battalion!"

A.C. 14th Regiment
"As long as we can"

A.C. 14th Regiment
"Come on, Cividale!" ( city)

182nd Regiment "Garibaldi"
"I obey"

1st Regiment of Mountain Artillery
"Up every ascent, on every peak "

4th Regiment of M.A.
"Above the others, flying like an eagle"

5th Regiment Pioneer Engineers
"Wits and daring"

24th Regiment for Logistical Maneuvers "Dolomiti"
"With skills and steadfastness"

21st Alpine Corps Arrest Group
"Watchful and firm"

Logistical Tactical Support Battalion "Aosta"
"Cost what may, long live the Aosta!"

Alpine Corps Battalion "Bassano"
"Devoted to death they threw themselves onto Mt Ortigara"

A.C. Battalion "Borgo St Dalmazzo"
"Overwhelming like an avalanche"

A.C. Battalion "Ceva"
"Remember you're from Ceva"

A.C. Battalion "Ceva"
"Faithful and zealous"

A.C. Battalion "Ceva"
"Bound to win"

A.C. Battalion "Cividale"
"For the Nation, anything, anywhere"

A.C. Battalion "Dronero"
"We clean house"

A.C. Battalion "Edolo"
"Beyond the goal"

Alpine Corps Battalion "Edolo"
"Be tough to survive"

A.C. Battalion "Exilles"
"Mercy is dead"

Alpine Corps Battalion "Exilles"
"Climb up like a chamois, pounce like an eagle, be hard as the rock"
(Chamois is a kind of small mountain deer)

Alpine Corps Battalion "Gemona"
"Never retreat"

Alpine Corps Battalion "Ivrea"
"All one"

A.C. Battalion "L'Aquila"
"Eagle-feathers, lioness-claws"
"Falling like a landslide, raging like a blizzard"



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