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Mottos > Canada

Military Mottos From Canada
Canadian Military Mottos

"Je me souviens"
( I remember)

le Royal 22ieme Regiment from Canada. 
 It is also the motto from the province of Quebec. 
We must remember those who came before us and gave their lives for our country and our regiment.
In terms of Canadian history, "Je me souviens" (I remember) has always been associated with the Conquest, which is the name given to the process by which Britain gained complete control of the North American colonies after the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759. "Je me souviens" has since been used by French Nationalists as a rallying cry for Quebec's status as a 'distinct society', because French Canadian culture predates the political entity that is Canada by a matter of hundreads of years. "I Remember", then, essentially means "I remember the days before the British took over" to a French Canadian.
(Thanks to MR. Thompson)

(Latin:"guarantee of safety" or "Securing")

Canadian Military Police
Canadian Military Police are probably unique in the world as they are
classified as Peace Officers in terms of the Canadian Criminal Code, and
because this gives them the same powers as civilian police they have the
power to arrest civilians and any member of the Canadian Forces, regardless of RANK!


"Dileas Gu Brath"
48th Highlanders of Canada regimental motto
(Gaelic: "Faithful Forever")

"Fior Go Bas"
(Gaelic:"Faithful unto death")
2nd Battalion, The Irish Regiment of Canada

"Per Ardua Ad Astra"
(Through Adversity to the Stars)
The Canadian Air Force

"Ubique!! Quo Fas et Gloria Ducunt"
(Everywhere! Wither Right and Glory Lead)
Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery

"Albainn Gu-Brath"
("Scottish Forever" in Gaelic)
Regimental Slogan is "Ne Obliviscaris"
(Latin for "Never Forget")
The Canadian Highland Regiment


The Sherbrooke Hussars

Acer (The maple tree)
Ducimus (We Lead)

Royal Canadian Infantry Corps

"Acer acerpori"
(As the maple, so the sapling)
Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps

"Action from knowledge"
Canadian Intelligence Corps

The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa
(Infantry regiment)

"Aere perennius"
("ruer than steel)
Le Régiment de la Chaudière
It's of the oldest infantry units in the Canadian Forces Reserve.
It is named that because it's located along Chaudière river to the south of Quebec City.

(Gaelic: Ready)
The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada
(Infantry Regiment)

("In Peace Prepared")
The Queens Own Rifles of Canada
formed in 1860 Toronto Canada
These designations are assigned to the units depending upon the monarch when the unit is formed.
The Queens Own Rifles of Canada were formed when Queen Victoria was on the English throne.
The designations can also be bestowed after a Monarch has visited the unit or it has preformed outstandingly in battle.
Many of the Canadian unit have ties to Great Britain and have Royal, Lord, Prince, Princess or similar names.

(Gaelic: Onward)
The King's Own Calgary Regiment (RCAC)
Reserve Armoured Regiment based in Calgary, Alberta

(Gaelic: Onward)
The Calgary Highlanders
Land Reserve infantry Regiment

"Air son ar duthchais"
(Gaelic: For our Heritage)
Lorne Scots (Peel, Dufferin and Halton Regiment)

(Gaelic: Scotland forever)
The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (Princess Louise's)
Reserve Infantry Regiment, Hamilton Ontario

"Arte et marte"
(Latin: By skill and by fighting)
Corps of Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

"Carry on"
The Toronto Scottish Regiment
(Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother's Own)

"Siol Na Fear Fearail"
(Gaelic: Breed Of Manly Men)
Nova Scotia Highlanders, Infantry

"Cuidich 'n Righ"
(Gaelic: Help to the King)
According to legend, Colin , Lord Kintail, ancestor of Mackenzies of Seaforth,
cried this while saving Alexander III from an angry crowd.
The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada

"Royals Ready, Aye Ready"
The Royal Reig. of Canada

(Service second to none)
Canadian Forces Logistics Branch

"Semper Alacer"
(Always Alert/Ready)
The South Alberta Light Horse (RCAC)
Reserve Armored Regiment
Unofficial Motto: Semper Gumby (Always Flexible)

"Facta Non Verba"
(Deeds Not Words)
The Fort Garry Horse
Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2)

"Militi Succurrimus"
(We hasten to aid the soldiers)
CFMG (Canadian Forces Medical Group)

"Velox, Versutus, Vigilans"
(Swift, Skilled, Alert)
Royal Canadian Corps of Signals

(Communications means victory/leads to victory)
712 Communications Squadron in
Montreal Quebec

"Pro Patria"
("For the Country")
the Royal Canadian Regiment

The RCR is Canada's oldest Regular Infantry Unit and is the only Regiment in the
Commonwealth that bears the Insignia of a Dead Monarch, VRI - for Queen
Victoria as opposed to ER II for Queen Elizabeth the Second.

"Nemo Me Impune Lacessit"
("No one Provokes Me With Impunity")
The Motto for The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment)

The Black Watch (RHR) of Canada is Canada's oldest highland Regiment

Joint Task Force 2 (JTF 2)

"Hosti Acie Nominati"
(Named by their enemies)
The Royal Winnipeg Rifle
nickname "The Little Black Devils"

The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment.

"Parva Sub Ingenti"
((Latin) The small under the protection of the great)
Prince Edward Island Regiment 17th Recce, RCAC

"Intruder Beware"
21 Aerospace Control & Warning Sqn


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