Your Own Theme

geez how to cut my list down!!:

U2-where the streets have no name
Powderfinger: my happiness/these days/baby iv got you (on my mind)
Linkin park: session/numb
Jimi Hendrix: all along the watchtower
Oasis: wonderwall
The Choirboys: run to paradise
and basically anything by silverchair or live
oh and everything on the matrix soundtracks
Mine have really changed lately.

How Far - Martina McBride
I Can't Make you LOve me - Prince
Always on my mind - willie nelson
Concrete Angel - martina McBride

About anything by Evanescence - My Immortal, Tourniquet, Taking over me, GOing under, yeah...
SilverPhoenix said:
Mine have changed too..

Chris DeBurgh - Lady in Red

That song is so cool... I would dance around my living room in front of this huge mirrored wardrobe we had in there when I was like 7 or 8. It was awesome.
Well, That song is just so kick ass. fits in the every woman living on this earth. Because every one of them is as a "Lady in Red."

Except the unfaitful ones... :?
i like just about everyt hing but if i had to pick one to be my theme i would pick {Lincon Park} Dont stay from their latest albam intitaled "Meteora" and FYI i listen to just about everything i listen to rap rock and contry i like the old rock musisians like ledd Zeplin i even play their gutar part in my free time to there somg Stairway to heaven i also like **** Jackson i was raised on country so hey peace and love all you guys out there in other countrys havein all the fun lol just kindin ;)
Mine changes on a daily bases. Today it's the theme from top gun. My girlfriend woke me this morning by playing that REALLY LOUD!
That may seem funny now, but I'm not sure if I thought so this morning. ;)