Your Favorite Saying (from a Commander, Supervisor etc..)

I have to say, no matter what arguement the military or civilians make about being "An Army Of One" is Patton's quote:

"An Army is a team, it lives together, trains together and fights together. All this indivduality stuff is a bunch of bullsh*t" --Gen. Patton

I rather like Col. Beckwith's (Founder of Delta Force) quote "I'd rather go down the river with seven studs than with a hundred shitheads"

But otherwise I like the SFC at the Recruiting Station saying of "Too Easy" in reference to everything from urinating to writing.
"the most dangerous thing in the army is an officer with a map and a compass".... something all NCOs say to us Royal Military College Duntroon undergraduates.
"My job is to fix what God screwed up, and I do that well ladies!"

"Don't come back here with anything that can't be fixed or cured with water"

"Don't catch nothing water won't fix"
(the second and third is usually before vaction)

You're sucking my will to live!

You been eatin s**t? Wipe that grin off your face!
when i was in iraq we had this chief of security named watts now to give you an idea of this guy he was like 5foot 5 in boots and he looked like he could bench press a hummer and he would say listen here "sucks his teeth" you sorry @ss seabees need to be "sucks hie teeth again" extra super freakin vigalint "sucks his teeth again" because if one of you falls asleep and some hadji bastard comes in here and kills me im gonna be pissed :rambo:
We had many sayings, but some are not easy to transfer into english. I think easyest are that ones the StUffz said if someone had his hands in his pocket.

"Is this your birthday or why are you playing with your candle?"

"Are you anxious of squirrels or why are you protecting your nuts?"
Oh, I've got another one, but I don't know if it is from a film or not.

"War is hell, but the sound is awesom!!! And we are the DJs"