Your favorite countries in world

New top list:

New Zeeland

In military, sports, music, smoke, alcoholic, friends.
What did others here say about new favorites?
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Sweden - Smoke, Military, alcoholic, sports, friends.

Finland - Friends, sports, military.

Danmark - Sports, military, alcoholic.

Germany - Alcoholic, sports, military.

Canada - Sports, military.

USA - Music, sports, military.

New Zeeland - Movies.
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One arab state in new top list.

I change to Neew Zeeland because this forum have members from there. Great for us.
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I like mouslims more than negro of normalthink.

Many mouslims will were like us in protestantism.

Many mouslims belief on white christian's.

Many mouslims never liked USA most.

Only Saudi Arabia and Libya how like americans.

Self I like Germany more. Big population(over 80 million) and good citizens.

Likers in armies in Germany is good. Bigger Army than Poland and in future to. 61000+ todays situation and Poland have 45000 man.

Under 60000 is no possible in Germans Army. They will have bigger than enemy from WWII side by side Poland.

60000 man is smallest Army force in Germany. 160,000 man is possible if Finland choise smaller first size in 2015(12 month forward). Maybe Air Force away in Finland. Smaller reserve then it been 8200 in first size Army and Navy in first size. Only Army in reserve for Finland.

Thinking same in Germany and Finland.
Thinking 100,000 under today's.
Between 75000-150,000 leaders in Niinistö parti says.
Radical right parti in Finland. War is welcome.

Edit. Finland are only five place. United States is better or Danmark. But im no choise them in my top list.
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