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Yeah, but that is an earned rank, albeit not in the real Navy. :rambo:
And "surfwar" is a shortened version of "Surface Warfare".
Well the "rank" you earned was c/LCDR, NOT LCDR.

No worries about the SurfWar (unless it has some conotation I am unaware of).
yes they most certainly do. cadet to cadet officer, they most certainly show respect.

A salute is a proper show of salutation and respect between people of the same honorable profession. A officer in the NJROTC corp would warrant a salute from lower ranking member of the AFJROTC corp, and vice versa, as they both are in the profession of studying military science.

Do JROTC cadets salute regular and reserve officers of the different branches in the military? Yes they do, when wearing the uniform of the profession they are studying. The uniform represents a personal yet unoffical comittment to that services profession, and all customs and courtestys will be followed.

what happens when you dont know the rank structure or insiginia of the different JROTC corp, in order to reconise and salute a cadet officer. You follow the basic rule: When in doubt, do it. You can not be faulted for saluting: you can be counseled for failure to do so.

Salutes are returned for salutes, unless the officers hands are engaged to prevent a return.

Hope this helps, ;)
Get over it. :D :rambo: :D
CAP cadets also salute JROTC cadets and cadet officers...there's a CAP unit stationed not too far away from us and we do joint exercises every now and then. They hate it too. :rambo:
Oh, airman, what rank/rate are you in AFJROTC?

(Do the AF/Army/Marines use "rates" or is that just a Navy thing?)
okay, my young little :cen: (teens with intense testosterone):

The AFJROTC uses the term rank. The NJROTC can use either term, although a rate can indicate a position in a particular specialty.

Look further in the posts for the rank insignias themselves. I posted it special, because if I am going to do your searching that you can do, im going to get paid for it.


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I know all the ranks, I just didn't know the correct term for them (aka "rank" or "rate"). Thanks for helping though, Mark.