Yup. American POW numero uno. Ensign Sakamaki was the only one out of the ten midget submariners to survive the attack on Pearl Harbor. Fire away Fox.
No hard feeling, MightyMacbeth. Okay, here my question, give me full name of the man who almost killed Hilter at Wolf's lair.
I would go with:

Colonel Claus Philipp Maria Graf Schenk von Stauffenberg, where Graf isn't his name but the title he has as a Count. The Germans place that after the first names..... but I don't know why.
Bloody hell, I might be the first one on this question.... My answer is:

Hannah Reitsch (1912-1979).

Born in 1932, in Hirschberg, Silesia, on 29 March 1912, the daughter of an ophthalmologist, became a medical student with the idea of being a missionary doctor, but this was not to be. She began gliding and went on to become one of the first few people to cross the alps in a glider. She was the first female test pilot and helicopter pilot and flew everything the Third Reich had: from the first helicopter (the Focke-Achgelis) to the prototype of a piloted V-1, the V-1e. She went on to set more than 40 altitude and endurance records in motorless and powered aircraft in her lifetime. She is Number One Whirly Girl, and a recipient of the Nazi Iron Cross.
Holland's most well know resistance fighter was a lady named Hannie Schaft. But her nick name is even more well known, what is it?
Jo is what we call her "roepnaam" loosely translated as calling name. Same as Robert to Bob.
Maybe I should specify my question a bit more. She had a nickname that we, even today, are taught in school. Many books about her carry this name as does the film based on her biography.

In short: Jo isn't the name looked for.
Since I am bored to death tonight I have another go.

Not checking any external sources on this I recall the words "Paras Rote Teufel" from my history class - so my 500 milbucks are bet on the Germans who gave them that name in Afrika in 1942 due to their maroon beret?
Invite me over Sunb!, because Norway should be nice during the summer and I never been there. I'll polish to lot for you because you were right!

I'm not sure whether LeeEnfield read the rules prior to posting. You should first get a wuestion right as the first one. That way you get to ask a question..... So according to the rules Sunb! has earned his turn.

(Eventhough it is an interesting question, that is beyind any doubt!)
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Ok here we go.

The cruiser Blucher was sunk by Norwegian coast defences in the Oslo Fiord April 9, 1940. What was the name of her sistership and the name of the British destroyer that rammed her?
Admiral Hipper took part in the German invasion of Norway (Operation Weserübung). On 8 April 1940 she encountered the old British destroyer Glowworm north-west of Trondheim (Norway's third largest city, roughly half way up Norway's west coast). After exchanges of fire and despite fatal damage, Glowworm turned to ram Admiral Hipper, causing serious damage before sinking.

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_cruiser_Admiral_Hipper