Ummm, are we talking lend lease to the Russians and Brits, or direct aid to everybody? If it is the former, it might be possible to find an answer, but if you want to include both, the closest that you will come is to an answer is a very rough guesstimate.

im talking the total lendlease to everybody during the second world war. and there is a actual number, because if there wasnt i wounldnt be asking this question.

come on ppl keep trying
this was from a previous post on the subjet in the forum:

During the WWII years, the USA delivered defense technology in the sum of $46 billion to the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition

what is the name of the Japanese soldier who wanted to stop the emperor of giving his surrender speech?

there were two people.

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You know, guys, I consider myself to be quite knowledgable, hell very knowedgeable about WW II. However, every single single bleeping question that has been posted in this thread has left me scratching my head. Where the hell do you find these?


Actually, though, I did know PLUTO!!!
Yay!! Hooray for me...... never mind.
Actually, there were a number of soldiers, high ranking officers for the most part, who opposed the speech as they felt that the emperor shouldhave asked for better terms before making so "humiliating" a speech. Among them was General Anami, whose men occupied the Imperial Palace for a short time. When it became clear that the coup had failed, the died with his honour intact. Now, before I continue droning on uselessly, am I even in the ballpark?

wellll, I want the names of the 2 main people who planned and done some of the action. Ill give u a hint, one of them was a captain.