Worst Current Issue Weapon(Rifle or Pistol)

AussieNick said:
We do not use hollow point bullets. They are against the Geneva convention.

Theres alot of trouble with that. I can't find any part of the Convention that states anything about caliber or types being used, but then again I can't even find the whole thing.
I dont' have never had military experiance so I cannot comment directly. But I have a buddy in the British Army who hated the L85 (part of the SA80 family) For exactly the reasons already poor craftsmanship, relibility etc...
Now I regularly get to use the SA80 MK2 and with the optical sight on it it will take a lot of beating. The SA 80 has a very good range, and even the shorten version is accurate up to 400 yards and is still very good at 500 yards. Yes there were problems when this rifle was first brought in to service just like M16 but these problems are now behind it. The SA80 has also now being fitted with a 40 mm grenade launcher which has a range of over 300 yards, and they reckon you can put a grenade through any window of a house that you chose to shoot at over a hundred yards. Now many people that criticise this rifle have never fired or used it. I personally find it is a well balanced weapon that is compact and easy to use and clean with good hitting power. Now I see some people are complaining that it is difficult for left handed people to use well so is nearly every other weapon. Even the old LeEnfield were not designed for left handed people but they all learnt to use them and use them well, so what has changed can't they learn any longer to weapon that is made for right handed people.

The shorten version of the SA80. This has a maximum range of 500 yards and is very accurate up to 400 yards. It will 20 rounds magazines or the standard 30. This is being issued first to the tank and APC crews to start with as it is only 30 inches long and gives them a lot more protection than a pistol; would yet is compact enough to be carried on their vehicle with out causing storage problems

Our latest Assault rifle Type89.
It,s price about 2600dollars.
Supporting machine gun M249 price19000dollars.
M2 blowning as50000$
I think ,they are too expensive.