World Tank Ranking

Nice one pale rider, I agree with you. Just look at the Type 90-II, it's out of date now (came out in the early 90's) but even it had a engine based on the British Perkins CV12-1200 (1,200hp at 2,300rpm) similar to the one in the Challenger 1 & 2 and a French ESM 500 transmission.

Yep, and how long have they been building British L7 105mm under license, they even shoe horned it in type 59s. France even worked with them on a auto tracker device for Al Khalid, the list goes on and on.
no i have sources

it is proof to the latests M1A2 rounds like the M939A3

I am not aware of any M939 Series KE round in US service, could you please provide a link to this information.

To my knowledge the only sabot rounds in US service is the M829 Series.

Also in your link it states that the M829A2 and M829A3 are able to defeat such types of reactive armor. Not that I believe Kontakt-5 could stop a M829 or M829A1 round.