withdrawing from the bank

:eek:fftopic: Question: What does any of this have to do with military service questions and or joining the military????
ALright, I'm supposed to accumulate interest every 3 days right? For the past 4 days, I've been checkin my milbucks, and it still says the same thing it did on day one... is the interest thing not happening right now?
Do you have over 2000 in the bank?

No interests if you have 2000+... :)
k to get around this little 3 percent thing what u do is u remove the milbucks 1 at a time cause i cant get 3 percent of 1 milbuck
CrazyCadet142 said:
no sir, I only have 1943 in the bank as the total... it's been like that since last thursday.
That's right. It doesn't pay interest when the amount becomes more then 2000 Milbucks. Withdraw 3 Mb's, that'll help.
That's right.

3% of 1943 is 58+, so you would end up with more than 2000 in the bank.
That's why you wont get any more..

You're rich enough now.. :D