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The entry fee is 5 Milbucks. PM me with the fee to be able to win in here, there is a question each week and the minimum pot is 500Milbucks!

The First Question will come when we have 4 Members.
The Trivia will start when we have 4or 5 people right now we have 3. here is a warm up question, just a small reward for getting this right so just post it for fun.

Q: What does Teufelhunden mean?
I am Fighter won.
we now have 6 people. The First Question is.

Q:Tell me the casualties for both sides of the Battle of Saratoga in the American Revoluntionary war.

This Question is worth 500milbucks.
UK 1000 men (approx) and USA (and Germans) 500 men (approx), but at the second battle of Saratoga on the 21st of September; the British army was reduced from 8000 to 5000 men (desertions included), cannot find any information on the US losses here though.
Well here you go :)

01 - Jan - 1895 J. Edgar Hoover
01 - Feb - 1968 Lisa Marie Presley
03 - Mar - 1847 Alexander Graham Bell
01 - Apr - 1815 Otto von Bismarck
02 - May - 1892 Baron Von Richthofen (& Sunb! :D )
20 - Jun - 1967 Nicole Kidman
10 - Jul - 1980 Jessica Simpson
14 - Aug - 1968 Halle Berry
04 - Sep - 1908 Richard Wright
05 - Oct - 1954 Bob Geldof
14 - Nov - 1909 Senator Joseph McCarthy
21 - Dec - 1940 Frank Zappa

*you have to have them all*
1.Where was the first photograph of a tornado taken?
2.What was the first religious show to be televised in color?
3.Who invented the lava lamp?
4.Who was the U. S. Navy's first Hispanic admiral?
5.Who was the first U.S. president inaugurated in American-made clothes?

There you go, good hunting fisrt one gets 500.
Well here we go :)
1. F. N. Robinson of Howard, Dakota Territory on August 28, 1884
2. It Is Written, with George Vandeman.
3. Edward Craven Walker
4. David G. Farragut, in 1866.
5. James Madison

You can put the milbucks in the pot making it a big bonus for the next round. :)
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Great Job. Outstanding!
1) What is MLG? (No it's not a Military thing.)
2) Find out How many games "clockwork bat" has won in rumble pit on xbox live.
3) What was the name of the first warship named for a black person?
4)What was the first magazine in the world for women?
5)What was the name of the first American ship to use SOS distress call?
6)*difficult* What level, was the last "Team Slayer" played on for clockwork bat?

If you get those ill give you 700.
#2 and 6 is obtainable information. (thats not the site you have to find two letters and go there to see stats.
1. Major League Gaming (abbreviated MLG) is a professional video gaming league in the United States. It holds yearly tournaments with cash prizes of up to $250,000

2. Games played 64 Wins 19

3. the SS Leonard Roy Harmon

4. The Ladies Mercury

5. Arapahoe

6. I'm not sure what you mean with level. The last map played was Lockout and the current level of clockwork bat ind Team Slayer is 30.