Willys Jeep, or Humvee?

Jeep or Humvee?

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What do you like better? If you have another choice add it in but please,it has too have tires not treads.

I chose the 1940's Jeep cuz Its compact, extremely tough, and dependable, also they are so easy too work on (I wish new jeeps were). The Military definitely didnt screw up when they chose the little work horse. And its easy on the eye's, chicks dig Jeeps.

I know the Humvee is better mechanically, I based my choice on love for Jeeps and the Humvee is just too much of a box on wheels. :cowb:
Clicked on the wrong box. I wanted to vote Jeep.

The Jeep may be older, but it was extremely useful.
I like the Jeep! Been in one at an army surplus, they had one in Burlington and I got to ride in it with my friend and the owner. it was awesome. The Humvee has the Hole in the top where u can shoot out of and can hold more people but i go gor vintage!
the jeep

I have to agree the jeep.
its easy to fix, rugged and reliable.

i have an old one that i drive around from time to time, good for spotlighting too.
plus i cant afford a humvee ;) and they look to much like a box with wheels
Why against Humvee, I voted humvee, Willis/Ford was the best in the WWII, and later, but on the battlefield I would like hummer more! :D
Hmm i voted Humvee cause i've never seen the jeep your talking about, my first gift to myself for winning the 6/49 would be a bright yellow (very noticable ) humvee :D the Canadian military i'm sad to say has the worst army jeeps ever!

The humvee isnt as small as the jeep, I think its good for deserts and cities, but too wide for anything else. :cowb:
If the humvees in Black Hawk Down were really that strong, I would've voted for it. Those humvees got shot up freakin bad. The "skinnies" were hangin over the rooftops unloading on them, is that true or hollywood? :cowb:
I have driven both and I prefer the Humvee over the Jeep for the simple fact that the wheel base on the Jeep makes it easier to flip. When I was on active duty we had a memorial ceremony for a soldier that was killed in a roll over in a Jeep. Because he was going a little too fast for the shorter wheel base.
I like on humvee that its water cooled,but i dont like that automatic transmision,it can get nasty on offroad
What do you mean "water cooled" because the jeep has a radiator too. But it doesnt have a snorkel, so it can go through high water. :cowb:
Its better way to cool down the engine than with a simple propeler,VW beatle haves it and its very good system,i like on wyllis that manual transmission.
I love the manual transmission on the Willys too. Back in the day everybody could drive a standard, now all you see is automatics. And it's a lot more complex than a propeller. Theres the radiator, waterpump, fan, fan clutch, and lots of hoses. I need to look up this "water cooled" system. Becuz all cars are cooled with water, or antifreeze/coolant. :cowb: