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Another stupid section to ask stupid questions! :D
We will probably end up underminding the basis of human society, but what the heck.

Why is the sky blue?

Why are siblings so annoying?

Why am i asking these questions?

Post your own Why... and answer if you want.
Why do cows go mooo
Why do ducks go quak quak
Why do we do alot of these why or what if's.....
Why cant you taste air.....
Why did my SNAKE escape today?

Why can't I find him?

Why do I have a MAJOR headache?

Why can't people just accept other people for who they are?

Why do people question these fun Why and If discussions?

Why is Redneck one of my best friends online?

Why can't I just go off and try to owrk on a ranch?

Why are women so discriminated?

Why can't I sleep?

Why can't I stop asking why?

why do i find it fascinating to see this?

why arent i home yet?

why do i really have to go to work?

why dont i just go home and see what they say?
Why did I continue reading this onto the second page?

Why am I now adding to it?

Why am I still up when I have to be up at 0445 this morning (that's almost 5 hours)?

Why is the military obsessed with the @$$-crack of dawn?