why reading is better than sex


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I did a search, and couldnt find the tread with this joke, so if its out there, my apologies.

The Reasons why Reding/studying is better than Sex

1. if you arent sure what youre doing, you can ask your friend for help.

2. you can do it alone.

3. its not embarrassing if your parents interupt.

4. you can stop anytime and pick up were you left off.

5. you can do it with as many people as you want.

6. you can do it as long as you want.

7. you can do it in public.

8. you can eat, read, listen to the radio and watch tv at the same time.

9. you arent sore the next day if you do it for several hours.

10. you can do it with others of the same gender without fear of reproach.

11. you can lie passivly and get alot done.

12. it costs less.

13. it dosnt ussually result in reproduction.
Hmmm.... reading a book vs sex.