Why did you leave the Miltary?? Choice or Injury?

As for me, I was hurt(not in battle or anything like that.)

I was in Afghanistan in 2001, when I got noticed that one of my close family members had died.. So I got to go home for the funeral...

While I was back in the States. I was involved in a car accident that broke my leg, my arm, and collapsed my lung. So basically my military career was over.

I got medically discharged at 60% with E-3(Lance Corporal) status.

I regret that I couldn't have made full Corporal, or Sergeant.. But hey, things happen for a reason..
USMC Johnny said:
This is a post for former military members to tell why they left the military.

By choice or were they hurt?

i joined the army reserves in aus in 1999 but was out after a year; the reason being i had my shoulder broken in three places from a motorbike accident.
wish i was still in but thems the breaks so to speak.
Mine is a little of both. I had a spinal cord injury and didnt know it until 3 months before my EAS. I had a choice to stay for another year or so in a hospital or get out and take my claim to the VA. I got on my Honorable and then 6 months later was deemed 100% disbaled from the VA due to the injury I got.
As for me, I figured 22 years was enough and it was time to leave the infantry to younger soldiers.
You try pounding the ground for 20 or more years and then tell that to your knees or back :lol: When you have to lead poeple half your age you find yourself doing things like getting up extra early just so you can run a few extra clicks across the drop zone before morning formation. It sounds kind of nuts now that I look back on it, but that's the way it was. If you hang around long enough you'll see what I mean. :D
I graduated Staff College and got bored, away from combat units, away from troops and ranks, away from leading, away from training, away from reality. To much "politics", too complicated! :(
I decided I was young enough after 18 years, to get out, move out, go back to school, change country, language and learn new skills in my garage while piling up part time stuff...
I was in for challenges: 18 years, 7 academies, 5 ranks, 10 stations, 12 different jobs, from tracks to airborne, from Tanks to LRRP, from Europe to Asia and Africa.
Nobody is in for the $ and I will get some kind of retirement at the retirement age of my departure rank...in 8 years!!! :lol:
For fun, now, I am a part time rafting guide!!!