Whos in some sort of junior military group.

are you in any sort of military group(18 and younger only please)


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To futere ranger, theres ALOT to the the Naval Sea Cadets so ill just email you on it. by the way does your screenname denote interest in the army rangers? :eek:fftopic:
I'm currently in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, soon to become a Naval Officer in the Canadian Forces. Bit of a career switch, eh?
hmmm young marines? I'm interested in joining the Marines and going to high school next year so could this be something I could do next year if it's available in my area? :idea:
I joined the CAP mainly because it was the closest to my house. Its fun sometimes some of the brass in the CAP are cool but most have all ego and no common since.Also hate the sm's, got chewed out cause i left the door open cause someone else was to follow me but didnt tell me he was going with the other gt. At least im not the only one at my squadron who wants to be a Marine. Also heard some scuttle butt that if all goes to plan their might be a Young Marines squadron in Winston-Salem next yr.
airmanpatroler said:
Im in CAP and i think its fun, Sea cadets in Indiana are so disorganized im sorry to say. Besides CAP is a better organization in my opinion. :biggun:
I agree with you all the way

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