Who is the best Diva of all time?

Hey Guy..looked like you were asking about singers, so I went ahead and split your topic and started one for you... :D
whats a Diva?


n. pl. di·vas or di·ve (-v)
1. An operatic prima donna.
2. A very successful singer of nonoperatic music: a jazz diva.

[Italian, from Latin dva, goddess, feminine of dvus, god. See dyeu- in Indo-European Roots.]

Going by the defitnition, my favorite Diva in the world of easy listening would have to be Celine Dion. :D
As you rest of the world can easily see it is MY language providing for all terms relative to women and hot chicks: prima donna, diva.... 8)
If you mean singer I'd say Whitney Houston

If you mean flat out nothing but hottie...I'd say Denise Richards :)

both want me by the way...just to let you all know ;)

(ok maybe not but why ya gotta trash a mans hopes? jeez) lol
Gloria Estephan - cause we are playing music by her in our Marching Band show, one of my pieces is kickass, or will be when I learn it :?