Well, just to clear it up, CeskaZbrojvka and Zastava in Serbia are two different companies. CZ is Czech I beleive but I'm sure it's not serbian :D
I'd take a good old M70AB

Compact Choice FN P-90

Regular Choice: G36

Bull-pup Choice: L85

Old School Choice: M1903 springfiled with Original Sniper Sight which had range up 3000 yards.
SAINT said:
:biggun: My preference has always been the M-16 assault rifle. Despite many newer types of assault rifles being produced, I still prefer the M-16 though it's an 'old' weapon -- about 30 years old. I like the feel of it, its recoil and ease of use.

Which rifle will you use? :rambo:

I have a liking for bull-pups. Short, quick to point, easy to operate with only one hand. The FA MAS G2, Steyr AUG, or the latest variant of the L85 would do.

I like the M16 too, although I liked the A1 better than the A2. I wouldn't mind trying the G-36, either.
if I'm not mistaken the main reasons for the bad operation of early M-16's (namely the one used in vietnam) was because of poor grade propellant in ammuntion and the beleif that it didn't have to be cleaned. Although I'm still under the beleif that an M-16 can't take as much abuse as for example an AKM or something nearer it's age like an AK-74M. :?:
Serb ,
It is my understanding that alot of the problems encountered in Vietnam dealt with the rifle being issued to soldiers(some not all) without proper instruction in their usage.
The reason for so early a bad rep was because of the ejecter mechanism, it was a stainless panel instead of having been chromed. So it got dirty real fast and had to be cleaned all the time.
I thought the weapon was very interesting seeing that the stock of the weapon is made of synthetic material. The weapon looked good, but I would change the color to a dark army green or black.

The option that you could get off of it seemed excellent, but I would think the But stock should be longer.

The XM8 allows a bayonet which is always good for a psychological and tactical advantage.
I have no idea, but he also has an M4 so who knows, the XM8 is also the carbine version so I really don't know. I like the Army Green/Black paint job though.
Next year I will be issued the K-2. It is a hybrid of the M-16 and the AK series and has an uncanny resemblence to the FN FNC.