Which attack helicopter is all around the best?

Apache would get my vote. Though not as resistance to ground fire as the Hind, its longbow radar more than makes up for it. It's extremely silent ( for a helicopter) and from it's performance in war- its no ones fool to be messed with.

The M-24 performed admirably in Afghan nearly turning the tide in favor of the soviet empire-able to transport troops, and could soak up large amounts of fire- even from RPGs. Yet against true AA weapons such as the Stringer it had the heat signature of the sun- meaning it had no place to hide when a army has AA capability.

The Soviets later on made modifications to the Hind to reduce its heat signature.
It did reduce the number of pilot deaths.

Hell, even if one single pilot was saved due to the lowered IR signature, I would say it was a major success, and definitely "Enough".
I sure dont agree, though i suppose from a moralistic stand point i would, but not from a militaristic one. I still think its one big super nova waiting to be found.