where did we come from?

kemaldohak said:
the_13th_redneck said:
Let me tell you a few other theories.
Gravity is a theory.
Math is a theory.
Physics is a bunch of theories.
It's not "Just" a theory. Theories are models that are practically as close to fact as you can get without exact, 100% proof simply because the scale in which it operates (whether temporal or size) makes it difficult or impossible for us to observe with current resources.
Theories are to be taken very seriously. The only reason why evolution remains a "theory" is because we never really got to observe Primeelephas start to die out like crazy and have 3 different designs, the Asian elephant, African elephant and the Mammoth come out of the womb (over many generations no doubt). Now there's plenty of evidence out there to back this up, but we cannot watch it unfold in front of our very own eyes with a camera rolling.
Gravity is also a theory. I doubt you'll be not taking that seriously.

gladius said:
Actualy evolution has not been proven.

It is only still a theory, but it is taught as fact.

Anyways I'm not here to get into a never-ending argument wethers its true or not, but simply to to point out that little know fact.

well, you are right in one point. however, beyond this theory arguement, there is the reality on the table: there is no proof for evolutionary theory. Is there? Mechanisms of it are not valid, the origin of life cannot be explained ... so and so on......

no proof for evolution theory???

buddy, u got to read more, do u know how many tons of fussils scientists can digged up to prove that monkeys and humans are related.....
and the process is still completing as more and more fussils are digged up

and i advise u dont get proof from Bible :D
en.....u should add that is still a theory...

but we have to agree that theory is more well-supported than God created us