Whats your Favorite type of car maker?

What do you rather drive?

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ACTaFOOL82 said:
I also think its funny when you talk about all the cool hardware on your Skyline (riceburner equivalent too a Trans am WS-6

You have to be crazy to compare a skyline to a trans am, I bet you never drove a skyline, trans am is a piece of shit compared to it.

German cars are the best, anyone who argues with that either never drove one or is just ignorent. Just because you cant afford it doesnt mean it sucks.
German cars are usually cheaper to a counterpart else where, especially used cars. And please use the Edit button.
FAQ, You have to be crazy to say German cars are the best. They are luxurious, and expensive, but thats all. They arent that fast, quick, and they never win anything in racing.

They are just like Cadillac, or Chrysler, very beautiful and comfortable, but other than that theyre just mediocre. Plus parts and labor cost 2 times the amount compared to a domestic (thats a fact).

Also, I havent driven a skyline (i doubt you have either) but I have driven a Trans Am WS-6, it was one of the fastest cars I have ever been in (mustang eater). I have also driven lots of riceburners, Celicas, Civics, Supras, Celica Supras, and number letter (280 Z, etc) cars. Your last 3 posts proved you are the ignorant one, dont be fooled by a pricetag, thats not all that matters. :cowb:
im all for dodge, both my dad and i drive dodge trucks and he and i have pulled way to many broken down fords around. :camo:
I live in Europe and I have to pay 1.15 euros for a litre of gasoline, so American cars are not even an option. They are simply too inefficient fuel-economy wise. In July, I finally decided to spend my hard-earned money on a new car, and I testdrove several cars. One of them was a Chryshler Neon.

I hate to say that, the Neon was by far the worst car, in that class. The interior finishing was extremely shoddy with an extremely plasticky feel to it. If I tried to corner it fast, the Neon felt like it would roll over any second. I tried a Peugeot 307 with a similar engine and it delivered way more power and was more fuel-efficient, not to mention driveability.

In the end, I decided to buy a VW Golf with a 1.6 liter FSI-engine. It might not be the fastest car in the world but it's cheap to drive and it feels like a quality car, and handles nicely in my opinion. Maybe in a couple of years I'll swap it for an Audi. My dad has an 2003 Audi A6, and I just love it.

BTW: Someday I'd still like to have a sixties Mustang in my garage. ;)
Dude Hegario, it may not be the fastest, but I know 2 guys with 11 second VW bugs, so keep your head up. :cowb: