What would u do with 10 million dollars?

Redneck, I have to disagree, but I also have to admire your style.
OOOH, OOOH, how much are congressmen these days?
Darkmb101 said:
And maybe have it televised.
Why would u like the world to know u had a heart transplant?

I would want the world to know what a GOOD one was, and not be so accepting of what insurance standards say is good.


I am just a big exhibitionist. :shock:
i believe $10 mil is the amount of money you need to be worth in order to be considered a millionaire. it used to be just $1 mil, but we all know that doesn't get you anything anymore.

but the first thing i'd do is pay off school, incase the army hasn't already. then i'd get my commercial pilot's license and fly until i'm too old to do it anymore. i'd also get a nice house (not neccesarily the largest thing on the planet, just decent sized) near the ocean overlooking a secluded beach. probably a private helicopter, that i could fly myself too. then comes the cars oh gee, the cars...i'd get my '66 Ferrari GTO, a Porsche 550 Spyder (i should probably stop now because i'd be over budget easily), Ferrari F50 and/or Enzo, Porsche Carrera GT, ok, i'd probably have to go back to work now to get the rest on my list.