What was your favorite MRE concoction?

Mark Conley

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hey old guys...

remember when them Meals ready to Eat (MREs) were bland and contained very little in the way of variety? So in the field, we would use the contents like the gravy package and the acessory package to sparkle up the food? what was your favorite MRE recipe?

mine was to take the chicken stew, crackers, and gravy base and cook up a canteen cup chicken pot pie! :D
Spaghetti. Recipe: Warm the Spaghetti up with some cheese, mix cheese, spaghetti and crushed crackers to make Lasagne.
A vanilla pound cake mixed with really thick Ranger Pudding and M&Ms for dessert.

Ranger Pudding: 1 cocoa beverage mix, 2 sugars, 2 creamers, 1 quarter of an MRE cracker (crumbled), 1/3 MRE peanut butter pouch, and half a bag of M&M's (you'll have to save up for this)

I agree on the Chicken ala king .. and the ham and egg was terrible - not enough tabasco in the world to kill that taste.

Corned Beef Hash was good, but they don't make that anymore.

A few more recipes for the cherries.

Sweet and sour pork:
Pork Chow mein
Cherry beverage base powder
Heat the pork and toss in the rest and it tastes prety good. Can also add the chow mein noodles for crunch or trade for rice.

WHite rice recipe:
WHite rice
Peanut Butter
Cocoa Powder
Plain crackers
Heat the peanut butter and white rice, crumble up the crakcers, mix all together with a little water. This was one of the most popular recipies in my class, people were always trading and hoarding to make this bad boy.

Meatloaf with noodles:
Meatloaf with gravy
Butter noodles
Cheese SPread (preferably with jalapenos)
crackers (crumbled)
Heat noodles and meatloaf packets. Break up the meatloaf by squeezing the packet. Dump all of the above into meatloaf packet.

Finally a quick one but a goodie:
Ham and cheese sandwhich
Ham slice
cheese with jalapenos
Place ham slice and cheese on crackers, and use the crackers like slices of bread.
The best recipe of all:

Turkish Surprise:


1 Canteen of Water
1 Non-English speaking Turkish Field Grade Officer
1 MRE Dehydrated Potato Patty
1 Security Halt in N. Iraq.


1. Call a security halt/chow break.

2. Observe Turk pull out potato patty; watch him look at it like a pig looking at wristwatch.

3. Wait for him to chew it up in his mouth, absorbing ALL moisture above the neck.

4. Offer him a canteen chaser.

5. Move back one meter to get out of blast radius.

6. Offer Q-Tips to clean out his nose, and an e-tool to bury the debris.

7. Move out after sterilizing the area.

im gonna be missin my mothers food in the army huh? well, might loose a couple of pounds...
My mom is the best cook ever, we never went hungry. My bro left for the Army at 137 or something like that, it was 2 pounds over the minimum. After about a year he is now almost 160.

Believe me, and this isn't just from what little training I've done but also rucking all over the mountains hunting, when you work your tail off, anything is good. The Army's babying us now, heck we even have milkshakes in the new MREs.

A really easy but delicious recipe is to put your BBQ sauce in your mashed potatoes. I know it's not much of a recipe, but it is great, and one of those things you can suck down while you're on a road march.