What was the best WWII Film?

What was the best WWII Film?

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Saving Private Ryan, I think every American should be required by law to watch it. It's less of a "war" movie and more of a inspirational movie.

When the mother get the telegrams of her 3 sons deaths, and you can see the picture of her sons on the table its hard not to cry. How could a parent go on after something like that?

Plus hands down it has the most realistic combat I have ever seen. Good try Band of Brothers, but Saving Private Ryan is a beautiful movie. :cowb:
Saving Private Ryan did a GREAT job of doing where lots of war movies fail, connecting with humanity.
Lots of movies try and fail or just don't try at all.
I felt The Thin Red Line just tried to overdo the connecting with humanity that it almost started to drip of it. It felt very forced.
I felt a lot for the Captain who's only justification of sending men to their deaths was shattered with this new assignment, but through the stuggle he actually found peace within himself.
Truly a beautiful story.
urgh... the cheap romance tends to ruin a lot of movies.
I can tell you that more recent Korean movies cut that out and improved DRAMATICALLY and now get pretty good reviews in Europe. I'm glad they finally learned no one cares for that "oooh I love you" stuff.
Enemy at the gates was good but the language didn't just fit in I guess russians didn't bothered making a film of their own, I've seen only one russian war movie that was spoken and acted by russians.
has anyone seen "bridge over the river kwai"??
i haven't, but iv heard its meant to be very good
i loved all of them exept the longest day. i never saw enemy at the gates
i chose band of brothers but my favorite WW2 movie is Pearl harbor.
How about a couple of movies from the Pacific theater?

Battle Cry with Van Heflin, James Whittmore, and Aldo Ray
The Sands of Iwo Jima with John Wayne
With a handle like mine it has to be The Great Escape. But I think I like Band of Brothers better. BoB was one of the only movies I liked better than the book. Stalag 17 was another good one. I also liked Battle of the Bulge. No, that is not a typo. :lol: I actually liked that movie despite its many flaws.