What war do you believe to be the bloodiest in US Hist.

Bloodiest war

  • Persain gulf war (1991)

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  • Vietnam War (1961-1973)

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  • Korean War (1950-1953)

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  • World War 1 (1917-1918)

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  • war with China (1900)

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  • Philippine-American War (1899)

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  • The Spanish American War (1898)

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  • Nez Perce war (1877)

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  • Wakarusa War (1855, 1856)

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  • War with Mexico a.k.a Mexican-American War (1846-1848)

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The Civil War, but for your consideration to be added to the list - The French and Indian War just prior to the Revolutionary War.

Missileer said:
Lincoln said about Gen Grant's drinking. 'Tell me what brand he drinks so I can give it to the rest of my officers". There were a lot of innovations in arms during the Civil War, breech loading carbines, cased bullets, grape shot in cannons. Then the repeating rifle, Henry, I think. The tactics stayed the same though, such as long bayonet charges against fortified troops.

Churchill and Roosevelt were alcoholics.

Hitler and Osama bin Laden didn't/don't drink.

What's that say about Alcohol?
Pvt.Joker said:
The bloodiest war in US history?
How abbout the genocide of almost all the native Indians!!!

Well let's see, 100 years of US mistreatment of the Native Americans vs. 300 years of European mistreatment of the Native Americans before that time in this country and many more years thereafter in other North and South American nations... hmm... I think you guys have us beat on that one.

The US became a nation in 1776 or 1782 depending on which way you look at it.

Spain had colonies in the Americas prior a long time prior to 1776 and after.

You know. Mexico, South America, the Carib, the American Southeast and the American Southwest.

The English, French, Dutch, and Portaguese also held American Colonies for a long time prior to US independence.

Each of these Crowns, Soveriegns Nations engaged in War with the Natives. Prior to the US becoming a Nation.

So pick the date and go from there. 1776 or 1782 as to where the US history begins.
What it has to do with it, Joker, is this. Many, many more Native Americans were killed off by Europeans than by US citizens. They were already well declined by the time we became a sovereign nation. So that can hardly be called the bloodiest in our history.

You hardly have a leg to stand on criticizing us anyway. The Dutch certainly did their fair share of messing with Native Americans. Who was it after all who bought Manhattan for $24 from them? That's right, you guys. I won't even go into your nation's other holdings this side of the Atlantic.