what rank?

Well, if TI's updating, I guess I should too...:p

Been a Cpl (Senior Airman to the USAF types) for over a year now. Another couple of years, and I should have my leaf.
When I was in JROTC years ago I was a cadet LTC in an Army program. I was the Bn Cdr as well as the Brigade XO (a Brigade of over 3000 cadets).

When I was enlisted I made it to SGT(P). US Army

Now, I'm just a lowly 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army.
I am c/CSM in AJROTC, that would be
Command Master Chief Petty Officer, in the Navy.
Command Chief Master Sergeant in the Air Force.
Master Gunnery Sergeant in the Marine Corps.
Ill be c/LtC next year and the BnCdr we only have two battalions here so we aint got a Brigade Commander
I'm never sure how to answer this type of question.

I was an E-1 when I enlisted. I was an E-5 when commissioned. I was an O-2 when I called it quits. ;)

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Its only a step from Corporal to General. Seven years as a Corporal, eight as a Sergeant, ten as a Lieutenant, fifteen as Captain, eighteen as Colonel and then the goal is in Sight.
1926 Silent film TELL IT TO THE MARINES
I am a private first class in my marine corp ROTC
I was a Lieutenant (pronounced "left") in the ADF/ARES/CMF. Corps: Inf; RAA and RAE at various times. Retired since 1991 after over a decade of Service. I currently teach and am a volunteer fire-fighter.