What pet do you have?

What pets do you have?

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What pet do you have? I have a dog, you might know already. But I also have a fish and a hamster. I used to have 3 other fish, 1 crawfish, 1 other dog, 1 other hamster, 3 mice, 2 birds, and I think thats it. Alot huh? But I love animals, it helps when your an only child. :D
I have a cat, her name is Rosie (well Rose) and she's 6. The biggest baby ever. Gah.

I want to get a turtle and a Pug though.
Fishtank.. :D

And wild rabbits running around in my garden. :lol:
I have two yellow labs, and a weiner dog. Cats dont count but I have 1 (who doesnt run away). I want too get a some Land breeds, Walkers, and a Dogo, so I can go hog hunting. But then I need a kennel. :cry:

Three dogs( basssett mix-12 years old, bassett-1, pomeranian-2), two fishtanks one is a 55 gal w/3 fish and the other is a 30 gal w/4 fish, then there is the hermit crabs (2). Have had just about everything else, those are the ones I have right now.
Most people seem to have dogs or cats, also name your favorite breeds if you want...
When its possible... I would like a westie, a mix, a lab, and a collie! :)
Ok, lets start!
Ive got my dog Buddy, a German Shapard. My fish, who have no names, lol, but there are 6 of them in a 66gal salt water tank. And I have my Bearded Dragon whom I call Goober!
A horse named Strider, a cat named Sassy, fish named Fin (my childhood creativity astounds me) and a three-legged stray cat dubbed Shadow or Samurai/Hidalgo/Hector/Jack Sparrow/. . .
I have two turtles, too! :D
They are pain in the as**s, lol, and they are weird, and always fight eachother over food LOL
Redleg said:
Fishtank.. :D

And wild rabbits running around in my garden. :lol:

Not to forget about those deers running around eating the garden hehe

I have had two birds, they ware the coolest! :)

They lowed watching tv, especially icehockey. And they loved music, especially rock. One of them got the name Elvis, and he didnt put his name to shame, he sang every time he got a chance, loved singing with other artists. They ware awsome company :)

I miss them :cry:
I've had alot of birdies in my day. Right now I have my parent's cockatiel. I used to have this one bird that would dive into his water dish! :lol: Just as if it were a swimming pool!!

And uncle Sam-- I knew you were cool!! You have turtles. 8) :p