What kind of Internet connection do you have?

What kind of Internet connection do you have?

  • 56kbit (Phone line)

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  • 64/128Kbit (ISDN)

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  • Up to 256Kbit (Broadband)

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  • Up to 768Kbit (Broadband)

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I've got WiFi. I have one of those small tablets. Birthday prez. Real cool. Pretty fast, just can't do everything a p.c. does. As for the poll, I have not a clue. That's awful!
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I find tablets disappointing, the Ipad is horrible except for the keyboard and the Samsung is excellent except for the keyboard.
They are too small to be useful as a computer and too large to be mobile.
10M internet install in my home.

It is too slow for download movie, but I think the internet speed are more and more fast,like
Moore's law, perhaps 100M internet will common in habitan house. The peoeple don't need telephone in the home, because the internet must replace the telephone net completely.
I guess.
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20Mb/s at home. More than enough for what I need. One of the other companies in the area offers up to 250Mb/s.
Ooooooold thread.. :lol:

It's quite funny to see that the highest option I did write there 10 years ago was 1Mbit, and now I have 50Mbit at home and the fastest I can get here is 200Mbit. :smil:
Had 200Mbit as a test from my internet provider a while ago, but it was really too fast and I didn't need it at all, at least not yet....
How faster of internet speed in the future? Baer laboratory implementation of 400Gbps ultra high speed
How fast internet speed of your home? Which the fastest speed of interne you ever know? Recently, (Alcatel-Lucent),
(Bell Labs) through the elimination of noise Headset principle, it can achieve the maximum of ultra high speed 400Gbp/s, to know the current Internet transmission speed Google fiber provides to the user is only 1Gbp/s.

Now, the Baer laboratory has achieved 400Gbp/s at a 12800 kilometer fiber cable, think if the this technology was applied to real life, then all of service based on the network,it will not affect the user experience because bandwitch factors.